Sunday, August 2, 2015

Friday July 31st

Today we had class and then we packed for our travel to Cologne Germany. We chose Cologne because of how cheap the train tickets were and we wanted some authentic German food. We made our way to Centraal and got on the German ICE train. They aren't as nice as Thalys and aren't as smooth as a ride. That's probably because Thalys has dedicated lines. It took about 2 and a half hours to get there but we finally made it. It felt like a long ride. My first impression of Germans is they are very cocky and think they're better than others. I see how people think Americans are the same way but at least in the south, we're a lot more friendly. We made it to Cologne finally after several stops and walked through the train station. As soon as we came out the exit we saw the massive Cologne Cathedral. It is the dominant feature in the skyline of Cologne. We couldn't believe how big it was, we noticed people were going up in it and decided we have to at some point but we had to plan well because we were only there for a day. We walked about 15 minutes to our hotel, checked in and then rested a little and went out for dinner. We went to an authentic German restaurant, had several tiny beers (who knew they had small beers in Germany?) and a lot of us got Schnitzel, basically fried pork tenderloins. It was delicious, I was very impressed. We walked around and came back to the hotel to pre game and go out. I'm starting to get anxious about going home. Europe is nice but it's not Kentucky. I miss my family, girlfriend and friends a lot.

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