Monday, August 3, 2015

Sunday August 2nd

Today I decided to be lazy for half the day. I slept in until 11 and then researched things to do until about 2. I got cabin fever and headed out to rent a bike. Mikes bike shop of course! I got it until Thursday and it was only 36 euro. At first they gave me a bike that brakes when you turn the pedal backwards but I don't like those so I switched it out for another. I ended up riding all the way through Vondelpark. I wanted to ride sound to burn some time so I went all the way down to the business district, over to the football arena and over to Dieman. I was starving so I went to a local cafĂ© and tried bitter Ballen, they were really good. Had a sort of gravy taste to them. I also had. Spaghetti carbonara and a Heineken.  I finally made my way back to the apartment and watched movies the rest of the night. I was exhausted because I rode my bike for about 3 hours non stop!

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