Sunday, August 9, 2015

Thursday, August 6th

We went to the Rembrandt house today. It was a nice museum and they displayed all of his work pretty well. I liked watching the employee mixing paint and preparing the paint like she was going to start painting. I was amazed to hear that Rembrandt had over 40 apprentices over his lifetime, that's a lot of artists that owe their style to him. I enjoyed looking at his cross hatching technique, I love that style. We left the Rembrandt house and continued to Saturnino for lunch. Their food is very good but the service is amazingly slow. I'm ready to go home because I just like the way we do things. I ordered the spaghetti carbonara and it was delicious. Lunch took a while and we were finally on our way back to the apartments. I decided to go look for souvenirs and found a lot of good stuff. Made my way back to the apartment and packed up and chilled out the rest of the night. I wanted to make sure I was rested up for the travel Friday.

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