Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday August 3rd

We had class today and cancelled the Hemp Museum. Everybody was pretty happy with that because they all wanted to go to the beach. I wasn't feeling it so I went out and rode my bike. I went down the the Albert Cuyp Market and bought a few things like a watch and a stroopwaffel. The man at the watch stand was very nice. I continued to ride a around for a while and then came to back to get a snack. Took a small nap and headed back out to buy a few things as gifts, next stop: the flower market. I bought a bunch of US certified bulbs to bring back home and explored the city some more. I'm beginning to feel more like a local now because navigating the roads on a bike isn't scary anymore and I can do it more fluidly than a lot of people. I finally made it back to the apartment and went to get sushi with the guys. The sushi at the first restaurant we went to was awesome but they hardly served us. We got one round of our all you can eat sushi, about 5 bucks a person worth. We paid 26 euro however and that's not including beers. We only had an hour to eat and didn't hear from anyone working there for half an hour so we left and went to another sushi restaurant. 20 euros for all you can eat for 5 rounds and it was delicious. Fast service and good quality. We finally made out way back to the apartments, it's pretty warm outside. The apartments are hot and stuffy and we don't have air conditioning, this will be a fun night. I'm missing home more than ever now. Most people are ready to go back, Amsterdam is fun but its hard to be a tourist for three weeks. You run out of things to do.

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