Sunday, August 2, 2015

Saturday August 1st

Today we woke up late and walked around. The beds were extremely hard, I didn't sleep well. We went to get a late breakfast and then walked to the Cathedral to get our tickets for going inside. The whole tour was only 4 Euro for students which as a nice relief. We first walked around the treasury and saw hundreds of priceless Catholic artifacts and then made our way to the top. There were over 500 steps to the top and most people in front of us had to stop or climb slowly which was pretty annoying for us. There was only enough room for a single file like going up the spiral staircase. The top was really neat because you could see all around Cologne, I was able to get some great pictures. We made our way down quickly because we didn't want to miss our train. We were scheduled for a 7 o'clock departure but everyone wanted to get back for the Gay Pride Festival in Amsterdam. Thankfully we were able to hop on the 2:45 train back. We finally made it back to Amsterdam and got ready to go out for the Festival. It was a lot of fun but there were tons of people so it made getting around very difficult. We all got back late after having a few beers!

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